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Fish Black
  • Fish Black
Fish Black Granite with fish-like white dots in the background. It is native to Rajasthan, India. This is beautiful black granite with having black base & having fish-shaped white swirls all across the surface of the slabs. It is very famous for its vibrant color, durability, and exclusive finish and polished.
  • Price Range 70 - 80
  • Installation Interior
Platinum White
  • Platinum White
P White is the most popular type of white granite for a few years. It is an extremely beautiful and distinctive-looking natural stone. The unique salt and pepper appearance results from the presence of white feldspar, greyish quartz, and dark mica in its composition. The white background covered in black and grey specks makes P White granite famous for its distinguished and attractive look. It is a north Indian Granite. This color mixture feels very settled and refined as opposed to exciting and daring. Occasionally, there are minimal reflective mineral deposits within the stone that can sparkle when the light hits them, but they are not very common.
  • Price Range 65 - 75
  • Installation Interior
Bruno Red
  • Bruno Red
As its name suggests, Bruno Red Granite is a red granite & on a dark red surface, it has brown, black, and white granules. It is an excellent stone that has gained its reputation as one of the most stunning granite stones in the granite industry. Also, you can use Bruno Red Granite for designing projects. One of the best advantages of this granite is that it is pocket-friendly. Also, this granite is very hard and amorphous. So, it has a very low water absorption capacity.
  • Price Range 95 - 110
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
Cheema Pink
  • Cheema Pink
Pink being the color of Romance, Cheema Pink Granite creates that in your life with an unparalleled grandeur and unimaginable beauty. Cheema Pink is a variant of pink granite which is found in the northern parts of India. Most of its quarries are situated in the Jalore region of Rajasthan. It is also popular with names like Rose Pink Granite, Pastel Pink Granite, and so on. There are small black shapes and white patches in the background of the stone. It is one of the best natural granite and appreciated for its perfect rosy pink look and smoothness.
  • Price Range 55 - 65
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
Markino Black
  • Markino Black
Black Marquina Granite is a type of black granite with a white or grey wavy design, found in the northern part of India. Therefore, there is a lot of grey or white color waves in the background of the stone. This granite is lighter than other granite. Despite being a new stone it is very popular all over the world. Whether you want an exclusive look or casual Black Marquina is a perfect choice representing elegance. Due to its high permanence, you can use it as wall cladding and luxurious flooring. Also, when you install this stone as opposed to light-colored stones, it offers you an endless beautiful look.
  • Price Range 65 - 70
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
  • Crystal Blue
Crystal blue granite has a bluish-brown background with strong red color spots evocative of a maple leaf, filling the area with happiness. The granite is a great pleasure for all those who wish to decorate their granite floor tiles and walls with fine-textured stone. The dark-toned background enhances life to the inside and outside places. Crystal Blue Granite is dramatic, attractive oxide blue through to black and silver natures all over, a real show stopper.
  • Price Range 75 - 80
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
Rosy Pink
  • Rosy Pink
Rosy pink Granite is the best and economical choice for the countertops and flooring. It is the most demanded option for flooring. This granite has amazing smoothness and natural shine. It is available in various sizes, patterns, and designs. Our rich industry experience and knowledge enable us to offer fine quality, Rosy Pink Granite. It adds an antique and a vintage look to your place. It is in high demand worldwide due to its exclusivity. Pink Granite is relatively fresher but has already found its fame through its wide norm in floorings, countertops, and wall cladding.
  • Price Range 55 - 65
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
Devda Green
  • Devda Green
Green is often described as a color of envy, but in the world of decorating, green means so much more. The color of nature, green represents the simplicity of the outdoors. If you want to inspire calmness, optimism, and serenity in your home, then start incorporating green granites into your color scheme. Paler greens are better for calm spaces (evoking beaches and spring) while bold greens like emerald can give your kitchen a boost of optimism and positivity. !
  • Price Range 70 - 75
  • Installation Interior & Exterior
RB Stonex

R B STONEX was established in Kishangarh from 2005. The company has since grown to become a highly experienced and reliable supplier and installer of stone products. We assure clients that they will receive the best standards of product and service.

We offer manufacturing, supply and export of quality hard granite. In addition to specializing in marble, granite and reconstituted stone, R B STONEX manufactures kitchen bench tops, shop fronts and staircases. Other applications of the range include: wall cladding; paving, fireplaces; corporate fit-outs; bar tops; vanity tops; dining and coffee tables; and custom furniture.

Over 200 different types of natural stone slabs are in stock at our factory outlet, where the sales and customer service team provides professional advice in regards to pricing, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

R B Stonex



offers a large and exclusive collection of exotic colours of natural granite, imported from rajasthan, india and even from locations available abroad.


deals in variety of different types of granite, including imported and domestically sourced materials, to meet the needs of esteemed customers.


offer a wide selection of marble products, such as slabs, tiles, and countertops. engaged in manufacturing, supply and export of quality stones.


situated in Ghatiyali Village, near Phagi, District Jaipur Rajasthan is one of our predominant mine. We are one of the leading marble producers with capacity of 10000 Tonnes


situated in Bilara Tehsil Of Jodhpur District in Rajasthan and is well known for its signature red sandstone for with greate deposits of hard granite stones.


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Absolutely delighted with the granite quality we ordered. Highly experienced and helpful staff. I would definitely visit your store again for my future projects.

I am really grateful to My Architect and R B STONEX.

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Excellent display of Granite. Very good collection of Indian and Imported options. Most of all they are more flexible and reliable bunch of team. They just worked aptly right and the same on our project the way we wanted it to be.

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